Kingswood – Day 1

This week Class 6 and a few children from Class 5 will be enjoying a residential visit to Kingswood, where we will be taking part in a range of exciting adventure activities.

Today Group A started out with some rock-climbing while Group B were enjoying Archery, before both groups joined together for a mini-Olympics this evening. It is also Alissa’s 11th Birthday so we all tucked into her chocolate cake!

15 thoughts on “Kingswood – Day 1

  1. Dear Class 6,
    It looks like you are having great fun on your adventure camp. Is it an overnight stay? I love rock climbing the last time I did that I was on holidays in Malaysia. It looks awfully cold there, here in Australia at the moment it is very hot last week it was 34 degrees. I hope Alissa had a wonderful birthday.

    Who won your mini olympics?

    Mrs Boyhan
    Grade 5/6 Melbourne Australia

  2. Dear Grade 6,
    It looks like you’re having fun on you’re camp. I hope your mini olympics are going well. Happy birthday to Alissa, hope you have a good day.
    What was your favourite activity?
    Anthony and Alexandra,
    Mrs Boyhan’s Blog

  3. Hey Class 6,
    You look like you are having alot of fun on your adventure camp. We wish we were there with you. Is it very cold there in England? It is very hot here in Australia. We are always struggling to keep cool. By the way Happy 11th Birthday Alissa! That chocolate cake sounds yummy!

    Your fellow Blogges,
    Mrs. Boyhan’s Blog 🙂
    P.S Who won the mini olympics?

  4. Dear Class 6,
    I think your activities look fantastic. At our school we do soccer, netball and basketball and compete against other schools.

    What was your favourite activity that you did?
    Marie-Annne and Riley
    Mrs Boyhan’s blog

  5. Dear class 6,
    It looks like you are having a really fun time at your camp. How long are you staying there for? How high did you rock climb? What was the tempurature on day one?

    From Damian and Isabellla
    Mrs Boyhan’s blog

  6. Dear…..,
    How was your trip to camp? was the archary and the mini olimpics fun? the weather looked awfully cold up there, down here in Australia the weather’s varied.
    Hope you have fun!
    regards Isabelle and Greta Mrs Boyhans blog

  7. Dear Class 6,
    Your camp sounded like a lot of fun. What was your favourite activity? The weather looks cold. It was 34C on Sunday. Have a good year. How many camps do you have a year?

    Elisa And Julian
    Mrs Boyhan’s Blog

  8. You all look like you’re having a brilliant time. Its very quiet without you here Keenan, miss you loads xx Enjoy the rest of your week xx

  9. Hi Natalie, looks like your all having great fun, it was strange walking to school without you this morning. Enjoy the rest of your week miss you loads love Mum,Dad Molly and Lucky xxx

  10. Dear Class 6,
    Hi, our names are Luke and Maddison. Rock climbing looks so much fun and we wish we could go to Archery with you! It looks as cold as a frezzer up in England. Who one your mini Olympics? I hope you enjoy the cake!

    Are you going to learn lots about the Olympics this year?

    Maddison and Luke

    Mrs Boyhan’s Blog

  11. Looks like your all having a great time, hope your keeping warm. love you loads mum and dad henry reg and ralph.

  12. Yous are so lucky because our school never go out to shoot a bow and arrow.
    We go on school trips like going to the museum or the swimming pools. It must have been cold. I saw most of you wearing jumpers and jackets. I could see all the ice that there was but it looked fun.

    From Xenon and Makki.

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