Kingswood – Day 3

Today at Kingswood we have learnt how to Quad Bike, enjoyed a duel in Fencing, made our own computer game during Mission Maker and faced our fears on the 3G Swing.

Today was Mr Bellingham’s birthday, so Mr Huthart made sure he had time to go on the terrifying 3G Swing!

Hotspots & Quad Bikes

3G Swing & Mission Maker


20 thoughts on “Kingswood – Day 3

  1. Hi kids, hope your all looking after yourselfs,it looks brilliant out there ( even though some of the activities look scary ) you all seem to be enjoying the experience. can’t wait for charlie to come home & tell us all about kingswood. see you soon xxx ps happy birthday mr bellingham, hope you enjoyed the 3G swing

  2. Hi Emily it looks like your having fun!bet you enjoed quad biking and the 3g swing.we haven’t found any lepracorns yet been on an open top bus tour today and saw Molly malones statue from 1988!love you lots mum and Danny x x x

  3. Alice, we are so proud to see you getting ‘stuck in’ to all the activities again! Hope you are enjoying it as much the second time around. It seems very strange without you here (especially arriving at school without you…) but we look forward to seeing you on Friday and hearing about all the fantastic things you have been doing! Lots and lots of love Mum, Dad and Emily xxx

  4. callum, we watched all the video footage and it looks like you and all your classroom buddies are having a fantastic time.we can’t wait for you to get back and tell us all about your adventures. luv ya son. PS…and it’s a no to a quad bike before you ask. lol. x

  5. Cant see you on many photos, are you hiding? Not looking forward to all of the muddy washing on friday! Love you loads, reg and ralph said hurry up home.
    enjoy the rest of your hol. xxx

  6. Hello again Lewis! Spotted you in the background on a few photos! Wish I was there – I would love to have a go at all the great stuff you have been doing! Did you have a go at quad biking? I can imagine you enjoying that.
    Your Auntie Rose and Sara came for tea yesterday and Finlay has been to his friend’s for tea tonight so that is taking his mind off missing you!! Can’t wait to see you Fri and to hear about all the fun you have had. You have judo grading on Sunday morning and you’ve been invited to Ollie and Leah’s party in the afternoon. Booking bowling with your friends for the holiday next week. So you are going to be just as busy when you get back home!!
    Hope you are looking after yourself and being good. Take care. See you Fri. Loads of love, Mum, Dad and Finlay. x

  7. You went quad biking and played twister, you are so so so lucky to be doing those kind of stuff. It would be so fun to ride on a quad bike. Wow you made your own swing that would be so so so fun to ride on a swing that you made. On the mission maker we have different computers than you. Hope you enjoyed your super fun.

    From ariana, hamilton east school, new zealand

  8. That must of been fun! You were fencing and makeing a video game in one day. I wish I could do that!

    Jake from Richards School

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