Kingswood – Day 5

Today is our last full day at Kingswood so we have been making the most of the last few activities. Today we have been pretending to be monkeys on the Jungle Vines, learnt how to abseil, learnt how to solve problems and made our own slideshows of photos.

To round of the evening we had a fantastic Karaoke party, where Mr Bellingham and Mr Dougill rolled back the years for a turn!

Jungle Vines & Abseiling

Problem Solving & Karaoke

13 thoughts on “Kingswood – Day 5

  1. Dear class 6,
    it looks like you are having lots of fun over there. The videos of you doing your activities look really exiting, especially the jungle vines and the quad biking. I would love to be doing that with you! 🙂

    From Lisa
    Mrs Boyhans Blog

  2. Eveyone appears to have had an amazing time during their time at Kingswood, it has been brilliant sharing some of the fun through the photographs! A massive thank you to all the staff at Kingswood who have made the childrens stay there so memorable and to all the staff from Norbridge who have given up so much of their own time to enable the children to have this fantastic experience. Enjoy a well earned break. Many thanks!!!! Safe journey home!

  3. wow,
    that must be so fun going on all of those hights like that masive swing and going on all of the other fun stuff.I wish we could do all of those fun things.


  4. Wow guys that looks like alot of fun. Our camp only runs for three days, it must be fun with six! What was your favourite part? 🙂
    Have a safe trip back.
    Mrs Boyhan’s Blog!

  5. Dear grade 6,
    Wow! Absailing looks so much fun! I wish Icould go absailing! Did any of you actually look like monkeys? Was it scary to be up so high?

    Hope you had an awesome time!


    Mrs Boyhan’s Blog

  6. Hi my name is Xenon from Hamilton east school I love rock climing but I have a fear of the zipline. Your school is so lucky to go ziplining. we never do zipline or anything like that. We normaly just do school trips like going to the muesem or going to a marae. I have been rock climing before at extreme edge.
    I really liked going rock climing you had to wear a harness to hold you in.
    Some were closed because the thing that held you was not hooked up

    Xenon Hamilto east school

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