Kingswood – Day 6

Today was our last morning at Kingswood before heading back home for the half term holidays. We left straight after lunch, but we still had enough time learn some Circus Skills and slide down the Zipwire before departing.

We have had a fantastic week at Kingswood and the children have been really challenged to grow as young people. We have had the opportunity to experience so many different and exciting activities and have had a lot of fun and laughter along the way.

Circus Skills


20 thoughts on “Kingswood – Day 6

  1. Hello from Mobile, Alabama, USA. I am a preservice teacher at the University of South Alabama located in Mobile.
    What a wonderful adventure! The videos and pictures were so exciting! Someone is jealous and it’s ME!. I would have had such a wild time right along with you. I have ziplined and swung through the tall trees on vacation…once. Y’all have put a lot of effort into creating your blog, congratulations! Much success in your futures.

  2. Hello Class 6,

    From the slideshows, I can see how much fun your adventures at Kingswood have been. Even on your last day you were able to pack in fun before leaving.

    Circus skills can be fun. Did you know there is a school in Australia set up for Grades 3 to 12? They attend a normal school as part of their training but courses allow the students to attend circus training courses. Some go on to teach the skills, others to perform. They are known as The Flying Fruitfly Circus.

    The zip line looks great. As a scout, I had the chance to try many adventures although the zip line we had doesn’t look as long as Kingswood’s line. 🙂

    Enjoy your break and come back fresh from Kingswood and the holidays. 🙂

    Teacher, NSW, Australia

  3. Hey Class 6,
    The Zipline looks like fun. I’ve been on a Zipline before and it was over a lake at a park, I was screaming like crazy! Were you freaking out when you did it?
    From Bronte 😛
    (the real bronte)

  4. Dear year 6,
    Step right up to the circus stage! Wow! I wish I could do that! It seems like a lovely holiday! If I could join the circus, I would be one of the people that put about 100 hula hops on them. I’ve been to a circus here in Australia. It was so cool! Do any of you like to join the circus?


    Mrs Boyhan’s Blog

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