Tribal Survival Day

Class 6 were joined by Class 4 today for an exciting day of tribal games and den building. In the morning the children scoured the school grounds to find materials they could innovatively combine with the equipment provided, as they sought to build a shelter strong enough to pass Mr Dougill’s rigorous tests!

Both classes fully entered in to the spirit of things and worked hard and creatively together in their teams, and some members were so confident in their shelters that they were even brave enough to sit inside while Mr Dougill tested to see if they were waterproof. Some dry, but also some very wet, children emerged shortly afterwards!

In the afternoon the children took part in a treasure hunt around the school grounds, solving clues to spell out the word ‘Survival!’, and also made their own pizzas in the school’s outdoor pizza oven.

Check out our pictures below and please leave us a comment if you have time!

5 thoughts on “Tribal Survival Day

  1. Hello Class 6,

    Your dens look wonderful. Leaks can be part of the problem when building with whatever materials are on hand but many leaks can be fixed once we know a den has some.

    When I was a Scout, we didn’t have modern tents with built in floors. We had to use old canvas tents. This meant we first had to lash (tie) large support timbers together before raising our tents. We had to drive pegs into the ground so we could tie the tent down. In case of rain, we had to dig small trenches all around the outside to try to keep rain out if we had wet weather. Without any built-in floor, we used ground sheets and put our sleeping bags on these.

    Did we ever get wet? Yes, if it rained, water sometimes flowed into the tents but it was all part of the fun camping out.

    Whether you got wet or not in your dens, I know you all had fun. 🙂

    Teacher, NSW, Australia

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