Olympic Countries

As part of our topic Class 6 has split into five teams, each representing a country which will compete in the London 2012 Olympics.

To help us take on a new identity we began by researching our new countries to find out about them and the people who live there; our teams are the USA, Australia, China, Jamaica and Kenya.

Have a look at some of the mind maps we have made below.

One thought on “Olympic Countries

  1. Hello Class 6,

    I was very impressed with your research into countries taking part in the Olympics. Did you know only Greece and Australia has sent athletes to every Olympic Games since the modern games started in 1896?

    I particularly liked reading the research into Australia. It inspired me to write a post looking at some of the Australian facts you found. Here is a link to a post containing photos, audio and video as well as links to other of my blogs. I hope you find it interesting…


    (Don’t worry about the part on the address saying “incomplete as yet”. I had been saving the post in stages and had neglected to remove those words from the title.)

    Teacher, NSW, Australia

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