Olympic Countries

As part of our topic Class 6 has split into five teams, each representing a country which will compete in the London 2012 Olympics.

To help us take on a new identity we began by researching our new countries to find out about them and the people who live there; our teams are the USA, Australia, China, Jamaica and Kenya.

Have a look at some of the mind maps we have made below.

Olympic Medals

Over the last couple of weeks we have designed and made our own versions of the medals for the London 2012 Olympics.

We started by looking at a variety of medal designs from past Olympics before creating unique designs for our own medals. Once the designs were complete we cut out a medal shape from plasticine, engraving a mirror image of our design into the top of the medal. Writing words like London 2012 backwards proved to be the biggest challenge!

Once the moulds were complete we were then able to pour a cast into our mould, which then became the embossed medal. We finished them off by painting the medals gold, silver or bronze, and attaching a ribbon so that we can proudly show them off! Have a look at some of our finished products below.

London 2012 Olympics

For the summer term our class topic is the Olympics, which will be hosted in London later this year.

During our topic we will be learning about the history of the Olympics and life in Ancient Greece, the geography and culture of some of the countries that compete in the Olympics, and the way forces work in a variety of Olympic sports.

We will also be learning about inspirational Olympic and Paralympic athletes and how to measure and record data from our own mini-Olympics.

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Tribal Survival Day

Class 6 were joined by Class 4 today for an exciting day of tribal games and den building. In the morning the children scoured the school grounds to find materials they could innovatively combine with the equipment provided, as they sought to build a shelter strong enough to pass Mr Dougill’s rigorous tests!

Both classes fully entered in to the spirit of things and worked hard and creatively together in their teams, and some members were so confident in their shelters that they were even brave enough to sit inside while Mr Dougill tested to see if they were waterproof. Some dry, but also some very wet, children emerged shortly afterwards!

In the afternoon the children took part in a treasure hunt around the school grounds, solving clues to spell out the word ‘Survival!’, and also made their own pizzas in the school’s outdoor pizza oven.

Check out our pictures below and please leave us a comment if you have time!

Sport Relief

Class 6 have been ‘Going the Extra Mile’ for Sport Relief 2012 in order to raise money for disadvantaged people from across the world.

As well as making a donation to come to school wearing red instead of the usual school uniform, every child from Class 6 ran at least a mile, 6 laps of the school field, to raise money for Sport Relief. Once they were running we couldn’t even stop some children, who ran as many as 24 laps around the field!

Below are some pictures from our runs. We also helped some of the children from Foundation 2 out as a mile seems even further for them!

Please leave us a comment and tell us if you have done any fundraising for Sport Relief or any other charity this year.


Kingswood – Day 6

Today was our last morning at Kingswood before heading back home for the half term holidays. We left straight after lunch, but we still had enough time learn some Circus Skills and slide down the Zipwire before departing.

We have had a fantastic week at Kingswood and the children have been really challenged to grow as young people. We have had the opportunity to experience so many different and exciting activities and have had a lot of fun and laughter along the way.

Circus Skills


Kingswood – Day 5

Today is our last full day at Kingswood so we have been making the most of the last few activities. Today we have been pretending to be monkeys on the Jungle Vines, learnt how to abseil, learnt how to solve problems and made our own slideshows of photos.

To round of the evening we had a fantastic Karaoke party, where Mr Bellingham and Mr Dougill rolled back the years for a turn!

Jungle Vines & Abseiling

Problem Solving & Karaoke

Kingswood – Day 4

We have had another fantastic day at Kingswood. We started the day with Saving Swampy (where we learnt about the importance of the local woodland), practised our Problem Solving, and tried out our circus skills on the high Balance Beam.

Have a look at our pictures below and please leave us a comment!

Balance Beam

Saving Swampy

Problem Solving

Kingswood – Day 3

Today at Kingswood we have learnt how to Quad Bike, enjoyed a duel in Fencing, made our own computer game during Mission Maker and faced our fears on the 3G Swing.

Today was Mr Bellingham’s birthday, so Mr Huthart made sure he had time to go on the terrifying 3G Swing!

Hotspots & Quad Bikes

3G Swing & Mission Maker


Kingswood – Day 2 (Afternoon)

This afternoon we have had the opportunity to try out some new activities, including Aeroball, the Leap of Faith, Nightline and a Scrapheap Challenge. Everyone has pushed themselves really hard and have been very brave on the  Leap of Faith, and we will certainly all be sleeping well this evening.

Aeroball & Leap of Faith