Kingswood – Day 2 (Afternoon)

This afternoon we have had the opportunity to try out some new activities, including Aeroball, the Leap of Faith, Nightline and a Scrapheap Challenge. Everyone has pushed themselves really hard and have been very brave on the  Leap of Faith, and we will certainly all be sleeping well this evening.

Aeroball & Leap of Faith


Kingswood – Day 1

This week Class 6 and a few children from Class 5 will be enjoying a residential visit to Kingswood, where we will be taking part in a range of exciting adventure activities.

Today Group A started out with some rock-climbing while Group B were enjoying Archery, before both groups joined together for a mini-Olympics this evening. It is also Alissa’s 11th Birthday so we all tucked into her chocolate cake!

An Indian Adventure

On Friday everyone in Class 6 enjoyed a special visit from Aarthi Markandey, an Indian lady who came to Norbridge to talk to us about the diversity of life in India. Here’s what some of the class have to say about the visit…

“I think I learn’t a lot. I didn’t know that there was that much difference between the North, the East and the South of India. Even the elephants are different and I didn’t know that.”

“I thought that it was really cool learning new things and we learnt part of a dance called the Bhangra. I also really enjoyed putting the Bindi on my forehead. Thank you for coming.”

“I learnt that India is a much bigger country than Great Britain and that they have a lot off different events. One is called the Holi and they throw paint at each other!”

“I learnt a lot from her about how popular the country is, and their celebrations like Holi and joyous day. I hope I will be able to go to India and join the fun one day and would also like to find out more about elephants and how people decorate them.”

“I have learned how Indian people dance and what the dances are called, and also about the Indian festivals like Diwali (the festival of lights) and Holi. My favourite bit was when we all did an Indian dance. I still remember the moves to it, ‘screw the light bulb,  pat the dog!’ WOOW!”

Please have a look at our pictures below and leave us a comment. Have you ever been to India? What was it like?

DARE Graduation

Last term we had a fantastic time learning about the effects of drug and alcohol abuse during the DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) programme. We have all now completed the course and graduated!

To celebrate our achievements we put on a special DARE Graduation performance for the rest of the school and our parents, to share some of the things we have learnt about the dangers of drugs and alcohol.

Watch us in action below and please leave us a comment!

Chocolate Recipe

After having a great time with our baking, Class 6 have tasted our chocolate biscuit cake and come up with our own improved recipe!

25g butter, 100g plain chocolate, 2 tablespoons of Golden Syrup, 125g digestive biscuits.

Glass bowl, rolling pin, food bag, wooden spoon, microwave, baking tray, grease proof paper.

1. Put the biscuits in a large food bag.
2. Use a rolling pin to crush the biscuits until they are like breadcrumbs.
3. Break the chocolate up into a glass bowl.
4. Add the butter and syrup to the mixture. Mix together with a wooden spoon.
5. Put the bowl in the microwave for 20 seconds. Stir the mixture and repeat the process until melted.
6. Add the broken up biscuits and then stir.
7. Line the baking tray with grease proof paper.
8. Pour the mixture into the tray and flatten it with a spoon.
9. Leave the mixture in the fridge overnight to set.

We’d love to hear what you think of our recipe, particularly if you’ve tried it! You could always leave us a comment with your favourite recipe as well…

Time for Chocolate!

Today Class 6 have been baking chocolate biscuit bars; combining plain chocolate, digestive biscuits, butter and golden syrup to make a delicious treat. The kids really enjoyed getting their hands dirty and making the mixture but are looking forward to tasting them even more tomorrow!

We were also pleased to welcome a special visitor to Class 6 this afternoon, when Blog the Dog sniffed out the chocolate and popped up for a sample! Blog is our foundation unit’s talented blogging dog, who spends most weekends visiting the children’s homes and blogging about his adventures.

Lilan, Jessica and Alysha looked after Blog very well and even let him join in the baking – although he did get sticky paws from the syrup!

Aztec Wiki

As part of our work on tribes Class 6 have been creating a wiki website about the Aztecs! Because it is a wiki we are all able to log-in, which means we can carry on adding and editing information as we find out more about them.

Have a read of what we have learnt so far at:

Please leave us a comment on our blog to let us know what you think. And do you have any other questions about the Aztecs? If so we will try to find out for you!

Working on our wiki!

Tribal Poetry – Haiku & Tanka

This week Class 6 have been learning about Haiku and Tanka, both of which are forms of rhythmic poetry which are usually written about nature. A few of our own poems are below; please leave us a comment to let us know what you think!


By Jake…

Fast leopard running,
Eating up pray as he wants.
Nothing can stop him.

By Anastasia…

I sharpen my blades,
As sharp as a dragon’s tooth,
To saw down the trees.


By Natalie…

Bright and fresh flowers
Blow in the freezing breeze.
Clinging to my legs,
Never seen before my eyes,
Want to pick some but I can’t.

By Elisha…

Going to battle,
Show up and shine in the sun.
It’s a scary thought,
Going to battle with friends,
Me and my friends might get killed.