Kingswood – Day 1

This week Class 6 and a few children from Class 5 will be enjoying a residential visit to Kingswood, where we will be taking part in a range of exciting adventure activities.

Today Group A started out with some rock-climbing while Group B were enjoying Archery, before both groups joined together for a mini-Olympics this evening. It is also Alissa’s 11th Birthday so we all tucked into her chocolate cake!

Rainforest Story – India & Alissa

By India and Alissa…

I woke up in the morning with the sound of water flowing in my ears; with strange noises as loud as lightning crashing on the ground. The smell of flowers and tropical trees made me feel at home. The birds were a rainbow in the sky blinding me. The leaves were as green as an apple.

The rain splashed on my head as an orang-utan passed over me in the trees. Suddenly, an anaconda struck for its pray. It was time to go hunting as the others were hungry. Creeping through the grass we shot for our pray. On the way back to camp I could see beady eyes staring at me.

Finally we made it back; the fire started. The rope as long as a giraffe’s neck to secure it. The burning fire was the sun shining in the dark.