Alien Story – Bradley

By Bradley…

It has been two years since the aliens have taken over; who let them? Here I am with Corny thirsty for action and Louse ready for anything. The aliens have destroyed most of the world thanks to their leader. We only have Area 57 to defend the world or it belongs to them.

There are millions of Zorgiesna, it’s a good job we have alien technology. In Area 57 there are gadgets from different planets. There are also Ray guns and the Zorgiesna’s worst enemy, SALT! If they touch salt they shrivel up and die a slow death. Otherwise they live for 400 years.

As we used the detector to look for alien life forms the light got dimmer and dimmer. Suddenly, out of know where, came a three foot Zorgiesna trying to hypnotise us. If you look into the mouth you turn into stone. As they ran towards us we got the Ray gun out and shot them.