An Indian Adventure

On Friday everyone in Class 6 enjoyed a special visit from Aarthi Markandey, an Indian lady who came to Norbridge to talk to us about the diversity of life in India. Here’s what some of the class have to say about the visit…

“I think I learn’t a lot. I didn’t know that there was that much difference between the North, the East and the South of India. Even the elephants are different and I didn’t know that.”

“I thought that it was really cool learning new things and we learnt part of a dance called the Bhangra. I also really enjoyed putting the Bindi on my forehead. Thank you for coming.”

“I learnt that India is a much bigger country than Great Britain and that they have a lot off different events. One is called the Holi and they throw paint at each other!”

“I learnt a lot from her about how popular the country is, and their celebrations like Holi and joyous day. I hope I will be able to go to India and join the fun one day and would also like to find out more about elephants and how people decorate them.”

“I have learned how Indian people dance and what the dances are called, and also about the Indian festivals like Diwali (the festival of lights) and Holi. My favourite bit was when we all did an Indian dance. I still remember the moves to it, ‘screw the light bulb,  pat the dog!’ WOOW!”

Please have a look at our pictures below and leave us a comment. Have you ever been to India? What was it like?

Rainforest Story – India & Alissa

By India and Alissa…

I woke up in the morning with the sound of water flowing in my ears; with strange noises as loud as lightning crashing on the ground. The smell of flowers and tropical trees made me feel at home. The birds were a rainbow in the sky blinding me. The leaves were as green as an apple.

The rain splashed on my head as an orang-utan passed over me in the trees. Suddenly, an anaconda struck for its pray. It was time to go hunting as the others were hungry. Creeping through the grass we shot for our pray. On the way back to camp I could see beady eyes staring at me.

Finally we made it back; the fire started. The rope as long as a giraffe’s neck to secure it. The burning fire was the sun shining in the dark.

Alien Story – India

By India…

I was working in my lab late one night when the light turned off. It turned back on but there was a monster staring at me. It said “Hello” but in a different language, so I quickly rang my best friends Alissa and Kensey and told them to come to my lab. The monster was jiggling closer to me so I ran to the doors but they were locked from the outside. Alissa and Kensey finally got there and they opened the door and screamed. They came to me and said “is it friendly or is it mean?” I thought that it was friendly.

The monster gave us all a letter which said “Our planet is in trouble please can you save it for us?” We went to Planet Zurg to save all the monsters in my flying machine. When we finally got there, there was no water in the water hole! There was nothing to eat or nothing to drink!

I went back home and went shopping to get my mind off all of the monsters. I bought some food and water for the monsters but it cost £1000. When I eventually got it in my flying machine I headed back to planet Zurg, but by the time I got there 20 of them had died!!!!!!!!! I started to feel very sick but I gave them the food and the water and then went home. Then I went in the living room and watched the news. It said that the monsters had gone extinct.

We went back to planet Zurg and there were 2 more monsters left in a dark cave. I gave them some water and 3 months later I went to visit and there was baby monsters. All of the land had grown back and there was water in the water hole and it was great to see that they were ok!!!