Alien Story – Natalie

By Natalie…

3013, 17th April, 56:29, day 1

It is the year 3013. My friends (Dominic, Callum, Oliver, Elliot and Keenan) and I live in London near a fighter’s hospital. It is called Strawley Hus (which in English means death hospital!). We hide in one of many little shelters that’s inside the hospital. We have the disappointment of having to live in World War Three where there are bombs exploding everywhere and bullets as sharp as daggers and as painful as death flying everywhere. We only have each other left as family. Oh! Got to go now, dinner time! Disgusting Grusser, a mixture of grass and gruel. YYYUUUCCCKKK!!!!!!!!

 3013, 19th April, 17:73 Day 3

I know I didn’t write in here yesterday but I was very busy. Yesterday something really bad happened. Callum, Keenan and Oliver went outside to get some oil for the hospital nurses (they love oil) when they got shot through both of their arms. I heard them shouting for help and the rest of us raced out and took them into some hospital beds where the nurses cared for them. Luckily they’re ok with just a couple a scars. I hope they recover soon.


Sorry about that, I was needed by a nurse immediately, if we don’t do what the nurses want we’re out, all of us. So we do what we’re told straight away! I hate the nurses and sometimes I have a strange feeling that they aren’t caring for the injured; the injured fighters never fight again after coming here. Tomorrow we’re going to investigate!

 3013, 20th April, Day 4

We went investigating today; we found out a lot about the nurses. All of the secret rooms in the hospital are full with dead fighters and we saw a nurse killing a fighter, eating his flesh and drinking his blood! MEGA YYYUUUCCCKKK!!! It was really disgusting and horrible and basically very scary. When we saw this happen we ran back to the ward that the three boys were on. We looked at all the beds and they were all EMPTY! *SCREAM! 

Alien Story – India

By India…

I was working in my lab late one night when the light turned off. It turned back on but there was a monster staring at me. It said “Hello” but in a different language, so I quickly rang my best friends Alissa and Kensey and told them to come to my lab. The monster was jiggling closer to me so I ran to the doors but they were locked from the outside. Alissa and Kensey finally got there and they opened the door and screamed. They came to me and said “is it friendly or is it mean?” I thought that it was friendly.

The monster gave us all a letter which said “Our planet is in trouble please can you save it for us?” We went to Planet Zurg to save all the monsters in my flying machine. When we finally got there, there was no water in the water hole! There was nothing to eat or nothing to drink!

I went back home and went shopping to get my mind off all of the monsters. I bought some food and water for the monsters but it cost £1000. When I eventually got it in my flying machine I headed back to planet Zurg, but by the time I got there 20 of them had died!!!!!!!!! I started to feel very sick but I gave them the food and the water and then went home. Then I went in the living room and watched the news. It said that the monsters had gone extinct.

We went back to planet Zurg and there were 2 more monsters left in a dark cave. I gave them some water and 3 months later I went to visit and there was baby monsters. All of the land had grown back and there was water in the water hole and it was great to see that they were ok!!!

Alien Story – Bradley

By Bradley…

It has been two years since the aliens have taken over; who let them? Here I am with Corny thirsty for action and Louse ready for anything. The aliens have destroyed most of the world thanks to their leader. We only have Area 57 to defend the world or it belongs to them.

There are millions of Zorgiesna, it’s a good job we have alien technology. In Area 57 there are gadgets from different planets. There are also Ray guns and the Zorgiesna’s worst enemy, SALT! If they touch salt they shrivel up and die a slow death. Otherwise they live for 400 years.

As we used the detector to look for alien life forms the light got dimmer and dimmer. Suddenly, out of know where, came a three foot Zorgiesna trying to hypnotise us. If you look into the mouth you turn into stone. As they ran towards us we got the Ray gun out and shot them.