Tribal Survival Day

Class 6 were joined by Class 4 today for an exciting day of tribal games and den building. In the morning the children scoured the school grounds to find materials they could innovatively combine with the equipment provided, as they sought to build a shelter strong enough to pass Mr Dougill’s rigorous tests!

Both classes fully entered in to the spirit of things and worked hard and creatively together in their teams, and some members were so confident in their shelters that they were even brave enough to sit inside while Mr Dougill tested to see if they were waterproof. Some dry, but also some very wet, children emerged shortly afterwards!

In the afternoon the children took part in a treasure hunt around the school grounds, solving clues to spell out the word ‘Survival!’, and also made their own pizzas in the school’s outdoor pizza oven.

Check out our pictures below and please leave us a comment if you have time!

Aztec Wiki

As part of our work on tribes Class 6 have been creating a wiki website about the Aztecs! Because it is a wiki we are all able to log-in, which means we can carry on adding and editing information as we find out more about them.

Have a read of what we have learnt so far at:

Please leave us a comment on our blog to let us know what you think. And do you have any other questions about the Aztecs? If so we will try to find out for you!

Working on our wiki!

Tribal Poetry – Haiku & Tanka

This week Class 6 have been learning about Haiku and Tanka, both of which are forms of rhythmic poetry which are usually written about nature. A few of our own poems are below; please leave us a comment to let us know what you think!


By Jake…

Fast leopard running,
Eating up pray as he wants.
Nothing can stop him.

By Anastasia…

I sharpen my blades,
As sharp as a dragon’s tooth,
To saw down the trees.


By Natalie…

Bright and fresh flowers
Blow in the freezing breeze.
Clinging to my legs,
Never seen before my eyes,
Want to pick some but I can’t.

By Elisha…

Going to battle,
Show up and shine in the sun.
It’s a scary thought,
Going to battle with friends,
Me and my friends might get killed.

Rainforest Story – India & Alissa

By India and Alissa…

I woke up in the morning with the sound of water flowing in my ears; with strange noises as loud as lightning crashing on the ground. The smell of flowers and tropical trees made me feel at home. The birds were a rainbow in the sky blinding me. The leaves were as green as an apple.

The rain splashed on my head as an orang-utan passed over me in the trees. Suddenly, an anaconda struck for its pray. It was time to go hunting as the others were hungry. Creeping through the grass we shot for our pray. On the way back to camp I could see beady eyes staring at me.

Finally we made it back; the fire started. The rope as long as a giraffe’s neck to secure it. The burning fire was the sun shining in the dark.

Rainforest Description – Stefan

By Stefan…

I woke up in the rainforest. The birds were as loud as a drum and the waterfall was as loud as woodpeckers. The rain was as loud as the insects. The trees were as damp as the floor, and there was a snake which was as slimy as an eel.

The sounds were as loud as the rain and leaves fell like mad. The clouds went across the sky as fast as a tiger. The fungus was as smelly as dog poo!

Rainforest Story – Leah

By Leah…

I opened my eyes and saw a lot of wonderful bright colours. I was astonished with all of the animals and tropical plants. It was like a wonderful dream. I heard all the different kind of birds and the noises they made. It was like a parade with them all singing different tunes.

I stood up and wanted to look around. My eyes were beaming at the elegant waterfall as I wondered how the water falls to the ground and turns into a river. The trees were as tall as a dinosaur and in all sorts of different coloured leaves. The ground had lovely plants that I’ve never seen before. The tropical plants were colours like green, yellow and orange.

As the night drew in the sunset blinded me. The birds screamed as loud as a lion roars. The jungle was always noisy and the animals all made a different noise. Eventually I got to sleep but it was very hard!

My heart was racing because I was so excited to explore some more! When I started to explore I saw a beautiful bush with berries on and I picked one and put it in my mouth. It was delicious.

The Tribe Outside

After a lovely break for the Christmas holidays, Class 6 are back at school and enjoying our new topic; ‘The Tribe Outside’.

Over the coming weeks we will be learning all about tribes from around the world; looking at different tribal cultures, where they live and the foods they eat. In particular, we will focus on tribes that live in the rainforest which also gives us the opportunity to learn about some of the amazing plants and creatures that live in the jungle.

Music and dance is an extremely important part of tribal life so we will also learn about some of the different styles of music; we will try to find out which ones are our favourites! We will also create our own designs for tribal face painting, design and build a tribal shelter and will even make our own shields and spears!

We will post lots of pictures and examples of our work on the blog so be sure to check back regularly!